Open to school groups or groups of adults with a sense of adventure every trip to ZEEC will vary slightly depending on the season (rain or heat!), the needs of the community and the special interests of our guests. It is also important to be able to remain sufficiently flexible to allow participants to benefit from any opportunities that may arise in the area, for example the arrival of elephants, invitations to village celebrations etc. 

However, we hope that this itinerary will give you an idea of what your trip to ZEEC might look like: fun, busy and full of opportunities to help and to learn!

Itinerary - 25 June to 9 July 2015

Thursday 25 June

  • Afternoon - Leave home airport and fly to Zambia


  • Morning - Arrive Livingstone, Zambia. Visit Victoria Falls, Crocodile Farm, spend night at Likute Guest House in Livingstone.


  • Morning - Travel to ZEEC camp, Sioma, Zambia ( 5 hour drive)
  • Afternoon - Settle in and plan for the week


  • Morning - Day to acclimatise to rural surroundings, learn about on-going projects, explore camp
  • Afternoon - Prepare for Monday teaching/visit the school

Monday - Friday

  • Mornings - Teach at Sankandi or Nakabunze Primary School
  • Afternoons - Visit local market, Sioma High School, Kabula Basic School, Nakabunze Culture Club, Flood Plain School, visit clinic and local village
  • Evenings - Discuss day’s activities, lesson plans for next day, write in journals. Lozi cultural evening, talks on Lozi traditions/Zambian history/rural life.
  • All meals provided in camp by Ida and her team.


  • Morning - Visit Ngone Falls in Sioma District 
  • Afternoon - Pack up camp


  • Leave camp for Thebe River Safaris, Botswanaand afternoon river cruise
  • Campsite inside Chobe National Park with game drives


  • Game drive on the way out of Chobe game park on the way to Kazangula pontoon and Livingstone, Zambia
  • Souvenir hunting or chilling in Livingstone p.m.


  • Pack up leave for the airport for return trip


Clothes, Shoes and Equipment

Micro fibre or 100% cotton “quick drying” clothes are best. No army or camouflage clothes as in Zambia only the military is permitted to wear this clothing.  Remember it will be winter in Zambia.  Nights will be quite cool.

All of the following must be packed in a soft duffle type bag or worn on the journey


  • sleeping bag in a case (as small and light as possible although it really cools down at night so make sure you will be warm)
  • pillow case
  • towel
  • Bush (light) coloured long trousers x 2 (girls one mid-calf skirt - you can buy it in Zambia)
  • Shorts x 2 (tough, with pockets, not too short)
  • tops with straps (no “spaghetti” straps please)
  • cotton long sleeved button up shirt x 1  (keep off the mosquitoes)
  • t-shirts x 5/6 (bring ones you want to give away at the end)
  • underwear, toiletries (sanitary towels/tampons), and biodegradable/liquid camping soap*** -for hair, body and clothes
  • several pairs of “quick drying” socks
  • warm item to sleep in (you might need to get up)
  • Fleece/ Polartec jacket (it is cool first thing and at night!)
  • Rain jacket or light waterproof – it will (hopefully) rain most days
  • Sun hat (that stays on in the wind) or bandanas/cotton scarves (very dusty)
  • Bathing suit


  • Strong or “over the ankle” shoes 
  • Pair of sandals (TEVA type work well)
  • Flip Flop sandals for easy on and off  (bare feet are never a good idea)


  • Sunglasses, sun lotion, lip protection
  • Insect repellent
  • Camera, film, batteries for camera (hard to get in Zambia.  Bring extra batteries as there will be no access to charging outlets at bush camp) 
  • Binoculars – worth having for the safari
  • Flashlight with extra batteries (head lamp looks silly but works well)**
  • A “Day pack” (your plane carry on)
  • Liter size Personal Water Purification***  - or purification tablets and bottle
  • Books to read (and leave for the school), pack of cards, travel games if you like them
  • Journal and writing materials (you must keep a record of your experiences!)
  • Photos of “home” to share with the school kids (they love these so don’t forget them)

You will have the chance to “wash” your clothes every day and if they are “quick drying” then bring less than stated above (not more). 

Medical Kit

  • Medications you take regularly or occasionally at home.
  • Medication to treat fever and pain.
    • Ex. Paracétamol, Aspirine or Aspégic.
    • Cool instant pack.
    • Girls:
      • Medication for period cramps: ex. Irfen.
      • Don’t forget pads and / or tampon.
  • Medication to treat common cold.
    • Tissues!
    • Nose spray or drops.
    • Sore throat tablets: ex. Angina.
  • Skin protection.
    • Sun cream with high protection factor.
    • Hand and lip cream.
    • After sun lotion. 
    • Ointment in case of sunburn: ex. Euceta.

Various images from past experiences

The 2016 Ecolint Experience